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  • 12 Common Hip Pain and Injuries in Athletes

    Source: Verywell Health

    In the past, just about any hip pain symptom was attributed to a "muscle strain" type of injury. While this is a common cause of hip pain in athletes, we are learning more and more about other causes of hip pain that can sideline a player from the action.

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  • Young athletes may need one-year break after knee surgery

    Source: Science Daily

    After surgical reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament, young athletes are now recommended to undergo at least a year's rehab and thorough testing before resuming knee-strenuous sport. Research shows that those who return to sport relatively soon after surgery incur a highly elevated risk of a second ACL injury.

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  • Best Exercises for Hip Bursitis

    Source: US News

    Within the hip are a variety of muscles, tendons and bones that all work together to keep us moving forward and backward, up and down and side to side. But occasionally, all that intricate machinery can get a little messed up – whether through overuse, age or injury – and bursitis, a common and painful condition, may develop.

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  • How does exercise support health later in life?

    Source: Medical News Today

    New research shows that older adults who exercise regularly can perform everyday tasks more easily and gain independence.

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  • Play Sports Safely This Summer

    Source: AOFAS

    If you live in an area that keeps you indoors during the winter months, you may be eager to play sports and other activities outside this summer. However, taking on too much physical activity at once can put you at risk for injuring your feet or ankles. Follow these guidelines from foot and ankle orthopaedic surgeons to play sports safely all summer.

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  • Coping with Video Game Related Repetitive Stress Injuries

    Source: Lifewire

    If you play video games and your hands start to hurt, you run the risk of suffering a repetitive stress injury that causes pain and even numbness in your hands. These symptoms are caused by swelling and compression along the carpal tunnel, a sheath for a nerve and some tendons that run from the palm to the shoulder.

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  • How Biceps Tendon Problems Can Cause Shoulder Pain

    Source: Verywell Health

    Many people think of the biceps only further down the arm and into the elbow joint, but in fact, the muscle, and more specifically the biceps tendon, also have important roles in the function of the shoulder joint. Biceps tendon problems can be seen in isolation, or as part of problems with the rotator cuff in the shoulder.

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  • Health Tip: Treating a Dislocated Shoulder

    Source: Health Day

    Capable of turning in a variety of directions, the shoulder is among the body's most mobile joints. That makes it easy to dislocate, says the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

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  • Can racquet sports give you a fitter, longer life?

    Source: Medical Xpress

    When you think of effective cardio exercise, the activities most likely to come to mind are aerobics classes, running, swimming and cycling. But racquet sports like tennis may hold even greater benefits, according to research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

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  • A stem cell treatment for knee osteoarthritis

    Source: Medical News Bulletin

    Scientists investigate the safety and effectiveness of a potential stem cell treatment for knee osteoarthritis.

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